Randori Nationals

TJF Randori Nationals
Sat 15 Feb – Sun 16 Feb 2014

Benham Sports Arena
Kings Park Road

Competitions will be broken down into classes based on both weight and grade. This makes it accessible for anyone including novices to compete and have an excellent chance of bringing home a medal for your club!

For those of you looking to compete for your club please confirm as soon as possible with Selene who will need to know your weight in KG.

Also, as it tradition on the Saturday evening there will be a party. The theme of which is “dress to impress”.


From the TJF website: – 

All clubs are invited to take part in the Randori Nationals, this is a 2 day event, with training, competitions and an exclusive social venue on Saturday evening.

The Randori Nationals provide an opportunity to test throwing skills against a resisting opponent. Our style of Jitsu has its orgins in Kodokan, so we use the rules of traditional randori to provide a safe and fun competiton for all levels of skill.

The competiton is divided into nage-waza – standing throwing, gatamae-waza – ground work, and an open competition.

The competition is complimented by 2 mornings of instruction from the Foundation most senior teachers.

This event gets bigger each year. Speak to your club instructor and committee to ensure you book your places early.

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