Nationals Success for Westminster Jiu Jitsu!

Over the weekend of the 13th and 14th of February, the club went to compete in the Jiu Jitsu Foundation Atemi Nationals against all the other clubs in the country!

After two days of courses, competitions and the customary orange juices on the Saturday Night, we came out with the following results:

  • Open Competition: Sensei Matthew Shepherd – Joint Second Place
  • Purple Belt Competition: Dave Wilson – Joint Fourth Place

See you all on the mat!

Regional and National Events coming up!

Diary Dates for you all

Regional: Saturday 24th October 10:30am to 3pm Followed by Hawaiian Halloween Party!  £10

Held at London Nautical School, this session will be taught by the top instructors in London.  There will be plenty of new people to train with, so don’t worry about being the only novice there.  Afterwards there will be an evening of getting to know people off the mat at a Hawaiian Halloween Party held at South London Pacific Bar.  Fancy Dress optional (it isn’t really)

Map shows roughly where the entrance to the school is, go through the car park and it’s the first door on your left.

Atemi Nationals: Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th November. £20!

After meeting the region, it’s only right we go on tour and show of our Jitsu at a National level.  Held in Sheffield, it’s two days of Jitsu courses and a competitions, including “The Open” where the top black belts show their funky stuff off for our entertainment.

Here’s Sensei Shep showing us how it’s done in last years competition:

Speak to someone with a coloured belt at a session if you want to come along!

Join Us Tonight For Your FREE Taster Session

We’re getting ready to welcome all our new members onto the mat tonight.  A few things you should aim to bring with you:

  1. Some loose fitting clothing (e.g. something you’d wear down the gym)
  2. A change of clothes in case you get sweaty
  3. A towel – we have showers
  4. Yourself

If you really want to get ahead of the game, download, print and fill in this form so we can get you on the mat as soon as possible.

We often head down to the local Coffee House after the session for a quick orange juice or two, so bring some money for a drink or a #winning personality to convince someone to buy one for you.

Hope to see you all there for your first of TWO FREE SESSIONS

Day2 Regent’s Freshers Fair!

Very good day today at Regent’s Campus Freshers Fair.  If you missed us we’ll be at the Marylebone campus tomorrow morning, alternatively signup up to the Freshers mailing list below for info.

T minus 5 days and 30 minutes and counting!


Cavendish Freshers Fair!

We’re here at the Cavendish Campus Freshers Fair, so come and say hello!

Remember, your first TWO sessions are FREE!


Also, you can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest Jitsu happenings!

Freshers: Welcome To Westminster 2015!

Interested in learning self defence in a fun and safe environment?
Want to train with a Jiu Jitsu club established over 25 years ago and run by one of the highest ranking instructors in London?

Come and find us at the Freshers Fairs being run across Regents Street, Marylebone and Cavendish Campus’s this week (22nd to 24th September) and talk to us about what we can help you achieve!

If you can’t make the Freshers Fair, just come along to a session.  New people are always welcome and your first session is always FREE.

#thisgirlcan, can you? (men also welcome)

Sensei Upgrade. Shep 2.0 Released

We need a new club photo now that Sensei Shep has his super fancy black top.

We’ll also be taking a new club photo at the end of Wednesdays session so come along if you can even if you aren’t training (bring your Gi and Belt obviously)

Training starts at 7pm, please arrive early and help get the mats out so we can start promptly (especially the Wesminster regulars who know our ‘unique’ mat layout).

Club photo will be at the end of the session, aim to be at the dojo for 8:30-8:45 if you aren’t training.

QM Jiu Jitsu Pub Crawl!

A super cheap pub crawl drinking all the way from novice to black belt!


October 10, 2014
19:00 – ?


The blue line on the map shows the 25 bus route which we will take to bridge the Brown and Black belt pubs.

All the rest are within walking (stumbling) distance from each other!

FRESHERS 2014 Part Deux! Just deux it…

More hot Jitsu action all over your face tonight at 7pm!

Once again, the session this evening will be absolutely FREE for all new novices!


For more information for freshers click HERE

Having any difficulties finding the Dojo? No worries, keep an eye out for RED Jitsu T-Shirts that will be worn by the committee members near Euston Station (outdoor square next to Nandos). We will guide you to the sports centre between 6.30pm and 7pm, tomorrow.


Join us for Jitsu this Monday at 6pm!

The session will be absolutely FREE for all new novices!

We have a brand spanking new venue and plenty of new novices to play with.

As ever, training will be proceeded by a post session social in a local pub for orange juice and soft drinks (ish).

For more information for freshers click HERE