Bartitsu @ UCL

Bartitsu Festival
Tuesday 4th of Feb

“We’re having a Bartitsu festival at UCL on 4 Feb. For those not in the know, Bartitsu is a mixture of boxing, savate, cane fighting, and jiu jitsu, blended together by Edward William Barton-Wright in the late 1890s and taught to Victorian gentlemen and ladies just down the road from our dojo, in Shaftesbury Avenue. Here’s one of BW’s original articles: – you’ll recognize a lot of it.

We’ll split into three groups and cross train — fisticuffs, cane fighting and some canonical Japanese wrestling from Barton-Wright’s original articles. All welcome — bring friends if you think they might be interested, as no background will be presupposed. Will be amusing, historically interesting rather than street fighty, but I’ll also make some relevant points that haven’t changed in 100 years, to do with ‘disturbing the equilibrium of your assailant’.

Bartitsu Fest: UCL on 4 Feb, 8 – 10, Astor College Gym, Astor College, 99 Charlotte Street, nearest tubes Warren St, Goodge St. Cost is £2. Wear a gi if you like, but probably most will be in track suit bottoms and shirts as belts don’t matter much for this. If you have boxing gloves and sparring canes bring them along. Corsets optional.”
– James Garvey, Sensei

Message reposted from Facebook – UCL JITSU

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