About Us

  • A friendly club with a great social life!

The University of Westminster Jiu Jitsu Club has been running for over 30 years and is the oldest (and some would say best) TJF club in London!

As part of The Jiu Jitsu Foundation (TJF) we teach a system of self defence using a core system of throws, joint locks, strikes and ground work.

As well as teaching effective self defence techniques; practicing Jitsu on a regular basis will improve fitness, balance, coordination and confidence.

Everyone is welcome to come along and train – students, non-students, whether you already have previous experience in martial arts or you’ve never stepped on a mat in your life.

Your first two sessions are FREE so come along and give it a go.

Lead Instructor: Matthew Shepherd (Sandan, Acting Tertiary)

Ian Sillitoe (Nidan, Secondary Tutor)
Oliur Rahman (1st Kyu, Acting Primary Instructor)

– Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions
– Email us atJuJitsu@su.westminster.ac.uk